Christian Scientists of Denver and Colorado, with thousands of others thirsty for actual facts regarding the doctrine which in the short space of time since its promulgation has penetrated every corner of the globe, crowded the Auditorium last evening [Dec. 4], until there were fully nine thousand people assembled to hear Bicknell Young lecture on the teachings and benefits of Christian Science. The audience was the largest ever addressed by the noted speaker, and was the second largest ever gathered together to hear the doctrine of Christian Science explained. From many parts of the state came men and women, eager to hear the lecturer set forth the fundamental teachings of Christian Science. Mr. Young was introduced by the Hon. A. J. Spengel, and for an hour and a half held the close attention of his audience, enlivening his address with flashes of wit which met with applause. The speaker dwelt with the utmost reverence on the subject of Mrs. Eddy's strength, humility, and persistence in discovering and teaching Christian Science at a time, he said, when she incurred nothing but ridicule and hostility from the established forms of medicine and religion. He paid her the highest tribute as a unique and noble figure in the history of modern times, outliving all the contumely and resistance which evil always offers to good. In introducing the speaker Mr. Spengel said :—

As I look over this vast audience assembled here tonight, the involuntary question presents itself: What is the magnet which can thus lure from their homes and accustomed walks so great an audience of the best citizenship of Denver and of Colorado? I have no doubt but many and divers answers would and can be made to that query, but, when all is said and done,—when you have each answered the question to your own satisfaction,—does not the one great fact obtrude itself above all others, that the thinking world, the restless, longing, earnest men and women of this age, unwilling to rest their all upon blind faith alone, are eagerly, conscientiously, aye, prayerfully, seeking for more light?

February 13, 1909

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