Between denominational churches letters of dismissal...


Between denominational churches letters of dismissal from one congregation to another, or one denomination to another, are matters of frequent occurrence. Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, and other Protestant denominations grant these letters, without question, upon formal application. Why draw the line at the interchange between the older established churches? The Christian Science church is new, and its articles are not altogether in accord with those of some of the older churches. But, if a member of one of the older churches wants to affiliate with the new church, we believe he should be aided in his determination. That he makes application. openly and above board, for a letter of dismissal, shows his honesty of purpose.

Every church should be big enough, and broad enough, to receive or dismiss members upon demand. It will not be long before this will be done fully and freely, and the incoming or outgoing member will be honored for the faith within him which prompts the change. Churches are meant to be the means of man's spiritual and moral development ; but no man can develop along these lines when held in bondage to a faith which fails to give him the absolute comfort he desires. A man should be allowed to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience, provided his methods do not morally pervert himself or those with whom he comes in contact. No one can accuse the Christian Science church of moral perversion of any one. As a matter of fact, it includes many of our most prominent men and women, and has proven itself an influence for good which cannot be overestimated.

February 13, 1909

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