For ten years prior to turning to Christian Science I...

For ten years prior to turning to Christian Science I had suffered from severe nervous trouble, including three or four complete breakdowns, and found myself at last facing a blank wall of inability to keep up any longer with the duties of which no one could relieve me. I called on my physician, a conscientious and conservative man, and was told by him that it would be two years before I would be well, and that I must always keep within certain limits as to strength. After this discouraging verdict I turned to Christian Science for treatment, and in six weeks I was well! This was nearly three years ago, and there has been no return of the old troubles, although at times I have had to meet excessive demands upon my strength.

Before taking up the study of Christian Science I was so near-sighted that when, as occasionally happened on the street, I dropped my glasses, some passer-by was appealed to in order to find them. Two years ago I was able to lay aside glasses, and since that time my sight has steadily improved, until now the vision is for all practical purposes normal. I have had many other proofs of the power of Christian Science to heal, among them the healing of my little daughter of deafness caused by catarrhal trouble. I have also seen Christian Science applied successfully to business problems, have seen it meet emergencies most wonderfully, and I find it an unfailing guide in solving the problems of each day.

Testimony of Healing
In February, 1907, I was attacked by a most unnatural...
February 13, 1909

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