THE 19th Psalm was learnt by the writer in early childhood, and in later days she had often pondered over the statements in verses seven to nine, and tried without much success to understand the distinctions involved. Even a slight understanding of Christian Science has made the sense clear and practical, and no doubt a fuller understanding will bring out wider and deeper meanings, for when statements are founded on Principle their applications are infinite.

"The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul"; In the Revised Version the last clause is rendered, "restoring the soul." Science and Health (p. 578) explains this phrase to mean restoring the spiritual sense, and in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 73) we learn that "the appearing of divine law to human understanding" constitutes regeneration. As we come to perceive what divine law, "the law of the Lord," really is, that it is indeed the law of unchanging goodness, of Life and Love at all times and to all persons, and that this law underlies and governs all real existence, we lost the material instincts of fear, rebellion, selfishness, hatred; the mortal personality is regenerated, and the true individuality, or spiritual sense, is "restored," brought to light. There is no longer any ground for enmity against either God or man.

November 6, 1909

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