The past week marks an epoch in the history of the Christian Science movement, the completion of the new publishing house being an event which concerns Christian Scientists the world over. It is not so many years ago that a small room in an office building served for the sale of our literature, and The Christian Science Journal was the only periodical which then told those interested of the upspringing of a religious and reformatory movement that was destined to inaugurate a new era in human history and to prove the power of faith in God when linked to a scientific understanding of the Holy Scriptures. In those earlier days it often seemed as if nothing but the heroic faith of one woman stood between the Cause of Christian Science and the deluge of mortal belief which threatened to engulf the little band of those who had seen the star of Truth and were eager to follow wherever it led. They had often heard of the power of faith, and now they were to see it proved, even as at the dawn of Christianity; while the words of the psalmist, "I called upon the Lord in distress: the Lord answered me, and set me in a large place," were to be unmistakably fulfilled in their experience.

As the years have passed Christian Scientists have been learning what it means to prove "the salvation of our God" and to make it known to the world, but although unnumbered thousands have been healed in Christian Science, it is not at all likely that they would have put forth the efforts required to erect the stately edifice of The Mother Church and the splendid building just completed if Christian Science had given them nothing more than physical healing. No! it has been the spiritual awakening, the mental and moral illumination of Christian Science, which has made Christian Scientists desire to bring this healing and uplifting truth, through their Church and Publishing Society, to all mankind. We might say, to quote Ruskin, when speaking of noble architecture, that these buildings are as "the manly language of a people inspired by resolute and common purpose, and rendering resolute and common fidelity to the legible laws of an undoubted God."

August 22, 1908

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