When I first heard of Christian Science something within...

When I first heard of Christian Science something within me said, "It is the truth," and though at that time, over nine years ago, there were many who sought to dissuade me from it, after a few months I began to have treatment for a trouble caused by varicose veins. It was not speedily relieved, and many other ailments seemed to rise up at that time to dismay me, but I held on to the truth as contained in our text-book and after a bit the way became brighter. I can see now that it required a great clearing out of the errors of sense ere I could experience wholeness in my body. The old thought of God, as punishing and chastising us, had to give place to the new,—that God is Love, and good only. I had not a particularly happy childhood, and when in early womanhood a great sorrow befell me, I was indeed miserable. I used to think it was the sins of the fathers being visited upon the children, and often in my despair I cried to God to help me, and to show me how to be better, many times with bitter tears. That has all been changed, thanks be to God, through the teaching of Christian Science, as revealed in our text-book.

My heart goes out in loving gratitude to our beloved Leader for her self-sacrificing labor on behalf of humanity. Full well I know that God is blessing her. I could not begin to tell here all that Christian Science has done for us. I have found health and strength and am learning to love God more as I grow in the understanding of Truth. My husband is an earnest student of Science and Health; we have happiness and harmony in our home and our three children are being brought up to rely on God for all. My earnest desire is that we may be the means of bringing others into this glorious heritage of freedom, in return for all the loving help given to us.

August 22, 1908

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