In Dr. Richard C. Cabot's dissertation on Christian Science...

Boston Post

In Dr. Richard C. Cabot's dissertation on Christian Science and its cures, which appeared in McClure's Magazine, he declares: "For if it is true, as stated on page 120 of Science and Health, that 'health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind; nor can the material senses bear reliable testimony on the subject of health,' of course the material senses cannot be trusted when they testify that cancer, consumption, broken bones, or locomotor ataxia have been cured by Christian Science." In reply to this statement we would say that the evidence of the material senses, in respect to disease, yields under Christian Science treatment to a higher, better, more spiritual sense of being; consequently the patient does not need to ask the material senses to testify to or confirm the fact of the healing.

Dr. Cabot declares that he has "studied one hundred cases of Christian Science cures recorded in recent volumes of The Christian Science Journal," and that, "putting together this evidence and comparing it with" his "own experience regarding the accuracy of his own patients' statements about their own diseases," his "conclusions are, first, that most Christian Science cures are probably genuine; but, second, that they are not the cures of organic diseases."

August 22, 1908

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