Christian Science was brought to my notice eight years...

Christian Science was brought to my notice eight years ago, as the last resort, the attending physician telling my friends that all had been done for me which was possible, though I might live for a while. My trouble was an anemic condition accompanied with internal hemorrhages and extreme weakness. My healing under Christian Science treatment was very slow, and at times I found myself much disheartened; the only way I could see any improvement would be to compare my strength and feelings with those of previous months, and in so doing I was convinced that God was healing me. when freedom came, when I was really out of bondage and enjoying my birthright of health, and began to know that I might be able to help others, this gave me more joy than words can express. My utter helplessness for weeks at a time had been a greater cross even than the suffering. The physician I employed said to a number of my friends, after it was known that I had given up medicine, "Just wait awhile, and see where she will be. Christian Science cannot do anything in that case, it is too serious." I only wish it were possible for that physician to see me to-day; I am very sure his thought would be changed. I awoke one morning, before the healing was completed, to find I was unable to see very well. Thinking that glasses were needed, and without consulting my practitioner, I sent for a specialist, who came twice before he would tell me the condition in which he found my eyes. He said that total blindness was quite sure to follow, and that there was nothing in the practice of medicine even to check the condition. This trouble was instantly healed in Christian Science. On meeting the specialist a few months after this healing, he seemed surprised, and said that if Science had cured my eyes, I should be a Christian Scientist. He added, "I would if I were you, for to be honest with you, nothing on earth could have brought back lost sight." Many other healing proofs have come into our family; the tobacco habit of at least fifty years of excessive indulgence was quickly destroyed in Christian Science, yearly attacks of severe bronchial and catarrhal trouble, a very bad case of lung trouble, etc., have been mastered by divine Love. This winter, through the help of Christian Science, dental work has been done with so little pain and discomfort that the dentist's chair was not dreaded as formerly, when chloroform had to be used in order to do the necessary work before filling.

Not only have we tried to use Christian Science for bodily ills, but in our daily work, and beautiful demonstrations have been made, showing that God leads if we will but follow His guidance. Let me say, in closing this testimony, that should the sense of discouragement creep into any one's consciousness, then is the time to "cling steadfastly to God and His idea" (Science and Health, p. 495). You will reap if you "faint not." I am grateful to God for the Bible teachings, and to our dear Leader for bringing this glorious truth to all the world.

Testimony of Healing
The three years that I have been in Christian Science...
August 22, 1908

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