In reviewing the blessings which have been bestowed on...

In reviewing the blessings which have been bestowed on me since Christian Science came into my life, I find so much to be grateful for that I gladly testify to benefits received while studying this beautiful truth, which is indeed free to all. In the spring of 1899, realizing a great need for something better than I was then receiving, I turned to Christian Science. I had known of several instances of healing through its ministrations, but it was mainly for spiritual food that I was seeking. I was quite sure the text-book was needed in my search for light, and a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy was loaned me by a friend. Its study was commenced, and I shall never forget the sense of peace that came to me as the understanding of the Principle that this book reveals began to dawn upon me, and my joy upon finding that it was possible to gain an understanding of a demonstrable truth. A painful stomach trouble and sleeplessness vanished at the beginning of the study, and since that time I am happy to say that I stand witness to the fact that the power of Christian Science does destroy sickness and discord.

The following experience proves that Christian Science is both quick and efficacious when applied in time of need. One morning, nearly two years ago, I became quite ill. I was working in an office, and when I went home at noon I was suffering much pain. I went to my room and tried to read and treat myself, but I felt too ill even to telephone for help, and also dreaded to be questioned by the people down-stairs. The time came for me to return to work, so I started just as I was, and as I went these words, "Never absent from your post," as given on page 117 of Mrs. Eddy's "Miscellaneous Writings," flashed through my mind. What does it mean to be "never absent from your post"? I asked myself; and it came to me that God was never absent, that man expresses God, and to know this was to be "never absent from your post." With that realization I went to work without further trouble.

August 22, 1908

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