While reading an article which recently appeared in the...

While reading an article which recently appeared in the Sentinel, I was reminded of my first experience with Mrs. Eddy's books. I had then heard only a little about Christian Science, and that, for the most part, was by way of ridicule; but there was something about it which appealed to the spiritual sense, and I looked forward longingly to a time when an investigation might be possible. The opportunity came very quickly, as Christian Science meetings were soon started in the town in which I was then residing. The first time I attended I was accompanied by a younger lady, and we had a very pleasant talk with the Reader, who kindly loaned us a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." After reaching home we began at once to read the book, and while my friend said she could not understand it, it seemed beautifully clear and logical to me, as I had for many years endeavored to keep my thought free from prejudice and bigotry. The book was returned at the next meeting, but from what I had already gleaned from its pages, and at the two meetings I had attended, I was enabled to overcome quickly an acute attack of lung trouble, which was at that time my greatest fear, having, as it seemed, twice been near unto death from this dreaded disease. Later on "Miscellaneous Writings," by Mrs. Eddy, was read and enjoyed exceedingly.

About this time I was deprived of the companionship of Christian Scientists, having moved where there were none, but where I had many friends of long standing. With the additional knowledge gained from "Miscellaneous Writings," and another brief reading of Science and Health, a friend who had been given up to die by three regular physicians, after nearly a year of intense suffering, was raised up, and in a few months' time able to minister to the needs of her family. She is still living and ready to vouch for the truth of this statement. Soon after this experience, a child who had one eye injured some years previous, and who was then having a severe trial with both eyes, was very soon healed. As time rolled on I became more and more conscious of the need of Science and Health, and a copy of my own was then procured. I began to read the chapter on "Christian Science Practice," and soon found myself in deep study over the word "Truth" and the phrase "truth of being," as there used. I had proven by demonstration that the truth makes free, and I had an uplifted sense of the allness of God and the wonderful power of divine Love, but I felt that I must have a clearer understanding of the terms so frequently used, and which I was thoroughly convinced meant far more than I had yet been able to grasp. I continued to study the text-book, chapter by chapter, and after a while I came into the realization that good only is true. I then began to apprehend what the psalmist meant when he said, "Thy truth reacheth unto the clouds." More light came to me in "Miscellaneous Writings," page 259, where we read, "Truth is the power of God which heals the sick and the sinner, and is applicable to all the needs of man." In my individual experience I have found this to be true.

I have been studying Mrs. Eddy's writings for nearly eight years, and have not exhausted them yet, neither do I expect ever to do so. I have found them a wonderful help in my study of the Bible. It is very apparent to me that the more spiritual my mentality, the more enjoyable and helpful the Christian Science literature. I only regret that I have not put the saving truths I have learned from Mrs. Eddy's books more into practice for the benefit of humanity. I am not numbered by church membership among the great throng of Christian Scientists, being still a regular attendant and worker in the church and Sunday School of my youth, but I am grateful for Christian Science, and a loyal though unknown friend of that great and noble woman, its Discoverer and Founder, Mary Baker G. Eddy.—Mary E. Snow, Stony N. Y.

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