The crowded meeting of the Christian Scientists at...

The Graphic

The crowded meeting of the Christian Scientists at Queen's Hall affords a remarkable indication of one aspect of the mentality of the age in which we live. That age is freely and frequently described as irreligious, and, unquestionably, the charge is—in a sense—true. Undoubtedly the strongholds of orthodoxy are being subjected to vigorous and audacious assault. But is not the very vigor and audacity of the attack a proof of the interest which the modern world takes in spiritual questions? Mankind—or a portion thereof—would seem to be groping dimly for a new gospel, if only as a refuge from mere materialism. Whatever one may think of the claims of Christian Science, the fact that it can attract the men and women of to-day, even by curiosity alone, suggests, at least, that they are not wholly dead to all that is not of the earth, earthy.

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