Starting from City Hall steps, New York, at ten o'clock, July 15, an athlete, carrying a silver tube containing a message from Mayor McClellan to Mayor Busse of Chicago, darted up Broadway on the first relay of a thousand-mile journey to Chicago. The message was as follows: "To the city of Chicago, city of New York sends greetings by the fleet runners of the Young Men's Christian Association. This message is borne on foot without halt from the Atlantic to Lake Michigan, and the hundreds of boys who carry it gain no prize except the consciousness of having done their best." The message was expected to reach Chicago July 21. Two thousand boys were selected from one hundred thousand volunteers to be the carriers, each runner to carry the message half a mile, and a fresh runner taking it to the next point of relief.

The presidential election throughout the Isthmus of Panama, which at one time looked ominous, passed off without disturbance. Senor Obaldia, formerly minister to the United States and acting president during the absence of Dr. Amador, was elected president. The supporters of Ricardo Arias, who recently withdrew his candidacy, decided not to vote, and as a consequence there was no opponent to Obaldia placed in nomination. From all parts of the Republic news has been received that the elections were carried on in an orderly manner and that Senor Obaldia received all the votes cast. There appeared to be an absolute lack of ill-feeling between the former supporters of Senor Arias and the adherents of Senor Obaldia, following the elections, an unusual thing.

July 25, 1908

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