FAITHFUL students of Christian Science all bear witness to the fact that it has brought them an altogether new sense of the accessibility of divine Love; that it has begotten a most helpful and impelling realization of the nearness of the saving Christ, and of the naturalness of that healing work which is to be accomplished in every receptive heart. This realization is deepened and established by the Christian Scientist's demonstrations over sickness, fear, and want, and ultimately the earnest worker is sure to acquire a predisposition and habit which leads him to turn as immediately and as instinctively to Truth for nourishment and succor as does the little child to its mother. His more vivid apprehension of this comforting and protecting relation of God to trustful human sense constitutes a distinguishing characteristic and possession of every intelligent and worthy Christian Scientist. It denies place or power to any thought of feebleness or inadequacy, and gives that courage to dare, that capacity to do, and that joyous expectancy of success, which ever attends the consciousness of "God with us," and which has marked every true knight in the lists of Christian history.

It is important for all Christian Scientists to remember just here, that this gladdening realization of the availability of Truth which has come to them freighted with health and happiness has not only a practical significance of immeasurable value in the solution of their own problems, the living of their own lives, but that by reason of it they are brought into a relation to humanity which entails a serious responsibility as well as an exalted privilege.

July 25, 1908

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