Many times I have thought of writing to the Sentinel to...

Many times I have thought of writing to the Sentinel to tell how I came into Christian Science and of my healing. It is about thirteen years since I became interested in Science. I was troubled with an ear disease, which had appeared in my infancy. I had been treated by the best medical skill available, but gradually grew worse. As the home doctors had exhausted their skill, my parents placed me under the care of an ear specialist of St. Louis. After treating me for a time, this specialist gave me up as incurable. I had derived no benefit from medical treatment, and finally became nearly deaf, one ear being in a very bad condition already, while the other was following the same course.

Such was my condition when one day, thirteen years ago, a copy of Science and Health was brought to our home. I had always been studiously inclined, reading being one of my greatest pleasures, and as I read everything that I could lay my hands on, I picked up this book and commenced to read it. I found it deeply interesting, because it was so different from anything else that I had read, and for several weeks I devoted little time to anything else. One day, about two months later, as I sat absorbed in my reading of Science and Health, I suddenly heard a noise, and looking up from the book, I asked my mother what it was. She said, "The only noise I hear is the ticking of the clock." Grasping the understanding that I had my hearing in Mind, the divine source, and not in matter, I was perfectly healed. From that day to this my ears have been normal. The ear drums, which were said to be destroyed, have been replaced, and perfect hearing restored to me. For this I am, and should I not be, deeply grateful to dear Mrs. Eddy and her teachings.

Testimony of Healing
While reading an article which recently appeared in the...
July 25, 1908

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