There are always three stages in the development of...


There are always three stages in the development of any and every system which has its base on Truth, or any section thereof: First, that of bitter opposition; second, parleying with its exponents because of the truth it contains; and third, acceptance of its fundamentals. Christian Science may be said to be at the present time in a state of chrysalis between the second and the third of these three stages. In its basic teachings it is accepted by many outside the ranks of acknowledged believers. Even the wellworn sentiment that it is neither Christian nor scientific is beginning to be forgotten. In order to remove any misconception, I must state that I am not a Christian Scientist, as there is within me a horror of any label of any description in the recognition of the truth that underlies all religious systems and philosophical teachings....

A tree is known by the fruit it produces, and Christian Science openly invites and welcomes a test, an invitation frequently accepted with salutary results. Here are two cases within my own knowledge; names for obvious reasons are omitted. A gentleman holding a high position in one of the Services, a most efficient officer, whose great ability led to many of his very serious offenses and faults being condoned, became eventually such a victim to drink that, unwillingly enough, an example had to be made, and he was dismissed. He came under the influence of Christian Scientists, placed himself in the hands of the practitioners, with the result that he has been restored to his position, and is now frequently selected for the commission of very difficult and delicate diplomatic tasks by high officials. In place of the worn-out, broken-down body, he is in perfect health, able to endure fatigue, and acquit himself with perfect satisfaction to those who employ him.

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