With the hope that some other may thereby be led to...

With the hope that some other may thereby be led to seek this glorious truth, and receive like blessings, I wish to tell what Christian Science has done for me. All my life I had suffered from very severe colds in my head and throat, also from bowel trouble. I ha bronchial trouble almost every month, and had been told by two physicians that I would better not remain in this climate another winter. In the spring of 1905 we changed our place of residence to a different part of this city, and we soon discovered that several of our new friends were Christian Scientists. In the following fall I turned to Christian Science for relief from my suffering, because I could not help but see what it had done and was doing for those about me. When I asked for my first treatment I had been sick in bed for three days with a severe attack of throat and stomach trouble. I received wonderful relief the first day, and by the end of the second day all pain and discomfort were gone. Inside of a week I felt well, and during the two and a half years which have passed since, not one of these ailments has returned.

Immediately after this healing I began to study the Bible and our text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and some time during the first six months I left off my glasses, which I had worn for all work for eight years. I made no effort to do this, and was unconscious of it until a friend called my attention to the fact. Very severe headaches have gradually yielded, and I am healed of all desire for the drug with which I used to deaden pain and induce sleep.

Testimony of Healing
For many years I was a sufferer, the pain at times being...
November 28, 1908

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