With a sense of devout thankfulness I wish to express...

With a sense of devout thankfulness I wish to express my gratitude for the daily help which the knowledge of Christian Science has been to me in the past year, for the many manifestations of divine Love in the overcoming of sickness and discord, all of which have proven to me that God never changes, and that the truth heals to-day just as it did centuries ago.

My little daughter was always considered delicate and kept under the doctor's care, but since I have been studying Science and Health she has been healed of many ailments and is now well and strong. One healing for which I am most grateful was in her case—a serious throat trouble. In September, 1905, when seventeen months old, she was taken very ill. After calling in several physicians, each of whom diagnosed the case differently, we sent for our family physician. After a week's medical treatment, the child meantime gradually getting worse, the physician called in a throat specialist, who had us take her at once to the hospital, where the next day they operated on her throat, remarking at the time that no doubt the trouble would return. Last fall she again became very ill, and on examining her throat it was found that both sides were affected. Knowing the terrible suffering which she had undergone before, I at once declared the truth. She improved so quickly that I did not send for a Christian Science practitioner as I had intended doing, but continued to give her treatment. In the morning she was all right, but the physical evidence did not go away until I finally realized that I was not trusting God. I then stopped examining her throat, and after a month I found to my great joy that the symptoms had entirely disappeared.

Testimony of Healing
It is with gratitude to God for blessings received that I...
November 28, 1908

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