General Anzeiger

We are informed that the Christian Scientists of Frankfurt have removed their Reading Rooms to Borsenstrasse 15, the late premises of the National Bank of Nassau. The impressiveness of the first service was heightened by the admirable rendering of the solo, "Consolation" (Nikolai), by the concert singer, Harriet Meyjes. At the close of the regular readings from the Bible and the text-book of Christian Science, the First Reader gave a short address, which is briefly summarized below.

1. Christian Science is not "Gesundbeten" (faith-healing). It is not founded on belief, nor on ecstasy, but on Science—provable knowledge. It is in fact that knowledge of the truth which makes men free. 2. Christian Science has nothing in common with hypnotism, spiritualism, occultism, auto-suggestion, nor with any of the so-called "mind-cures" now in vogue. Christian Science recognizes only one Mind as curative—the divine Mind. 3. Christian Science is not in conflict with doctors of any school. It respects all humanitarian effort, and it is but fair to say that as a rule the sick resort to Christian Science only when their regular medical practitioners have failed to bring them relief. 4. Christian Science makes no propaganda; thrusts its services upon no one; and has no quarrel with any church. It honors all the churches that honor God. Christian Scientists desire to live in peace with all their neighbors—Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish—and to be left in peace by them. 5. Christian Science is not a new sect founded in America by a woman whom her followers worship. It is a revival of the religion founded by Jesus Christ, and it is exemplified by the same sort of "good works." Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science and the author of its text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," lives like a private lady in her quiet home near Boston, beloved and revered by every Christian Science but worshiped by none. 6. Finally, Christian Science is not the special property of any nation, language, church, nor class of mankind. It is as free as the sunshine and as universal as the air.—Translated from the General Anzeiger.

November 28, 1908

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