While advanced thinkers in all ages have held fragmentary...

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While advanced thinkers in all ages have held fragmentary ideas akin to those of Mrs. Eddy, and employed similar modes of expression, the discovery of Christian Science belongs to her exclusively, and the Christian Science healing made possible by her discovery has not been practised since the days of Jesus Christ. It was she who discovered the Principle underlying the practice of Jesus and his disciples, and from this Principle evolved a scientific system of healing and redemption susceptible of proof.

Christian Science has absolutely nothing in common with mesmerism, auto-suggestion, or mental science. On the contrary, it is based exclusively upon the teachings of Jesus and is therefore pure Christianity. Our critic does not seem satisfied with the proof established by Jesus, i.e., "By their fruits ye shall know them." He thinks that the fruits of Christian Science are also accomplished by mental science, hypnotic suggestion, etc. This conclusion is based upon a lack of knowledge of the difference between the fruits of Christian Science and those of hypnotism, etc. The fruits of the former not only include physical healing, but also moral and spiritual healing, causing men and women to be every whit whole and transforming them into consecrated followers of Jesus Christ, while the fruits of the latter are temporary physical results with the spiritual nature unchanged.

November 28, 1908

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