The mission of Christian Science is first to reform—regenerate—its...

Fairbanks (Alaska) News

The mission of Christian Science is first to reform—regenerate—its beneficiaries mentally and morally. Thus we note that the healing of the sick is a consequence of Christian Science practice and not its prime object. The practice of Christian Science is not a business, but a ministry, not a profession, but a rule of life. If is, primarily, the practice of religious tenets, which improves the patient spiritually. In consequence of this spiritual regeneration, abnormal bodily conditions are relieved, and the patient is well. Bodily healing is the result of regeneration. From this fact it follows also that every man, woman, and child, with even a small understanding of Christian Science, becomes in a degree a practitioner, for his religion is practical. and he is not a consistent believer unless he practises what he preaches. Though not especially set apart for the ministry, he is able to heal in the ratio of his understanding, for the practice of Christian Science means no more and no less than to put into practice one's understanding of the truth and right. To practise Christian Science is to think rightly on all subjects.

Since the practice of Christian Science is the practice of religious tenets, a law restricting Christian Science practice would affect every member of the Christian Science Church. Every consistent Christian Scientist is in duty bound to help his neighbor in time of trouble, and must be ready to cure bodily ills when called upon to do so. Therefore any stipulations which prevent him from doing this freely and effectually are interferences with his religious faith and duty, and, as such, are unconstitutional.

November 28, 1908

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