Hypnotism is as opposite to Christian Science as any...

Liverpool (Eng.) Courier

Hypnotism is as opposite to Christian Science as any two things can be. It is simply the exercise of human will-power, and when used with the consent of a patient for the purpose of healing—even if effectual for the time—is no more permanent than would result from any other remedy that is material; and if hypnotism is used without the consent of the person operated on, it is an undue interference with the liberty of the subject, and is little less than criminal. On the other hand, "the medicine of Science is divine Mind" (Science and Health, p. 104). in which no element of human will-power or suggestion is allowed to enter the healing, and as Christian Science healing is the destruction of the belief in sickness held by the patient, when this belief has been destroyed the healing is permanent, as there is no longer any effect from the belief. Christian Science heals organic diseases just as effectually as functional, since all things are possible to God, "who healeth all thy diseases."

November 28, 1908

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