[Translated from the German.]

In the autumn of 1906 an attack of heart disease brought...

In the autumn of 1906 an attack of heart disease brought me seemingly near to the grave, my strength having been exhausted for many years by a stomach trouble. The physician doubted my recovery, and it seemed finally as if my last day had come. At this critical time my dear ones prayed for me, and their strong faith that God might do what was impossible for the physicians, helped me to hold on. I began to mend slowly, and during the first part of 1907 I could take up my work with short interruptions. But when spring came I did not gain strength, and a new trouble appeared in the form of a severe cough, which tormented me day and night. I saw the troubled faces of my dear ones, and felt my own misery, but—without asking my physician—I walked the short distance to my office every day, hoping that the coming warm weather might have a beneficial influence upon me. But in vain! At that time I still believed in the reality of my disease, and so did those around me; therefore I could not get better.

At a time when I was feeling greatly discouraged, a friend and colleague visited me and told me of the rich blessings of Christian Science. With hesitation and doubt I listened to the glad tidings, not expecting much for myself, and I had to be persuaded before I would seek help. A practitioner took my case, and she had to exercise much patience and love in explaining to me the fundamentals of spiritual healing. I was an eager listener, but a doubting student. It was hard for me to give up the belief in the reality of my diseases—they seemed so real. I did not then know that I was rejecting the healing power of Truth. I needed many treatments to overcome fear, yet this was proved to me when my former physician's testimony was needed for a longer vacation. It did not frighten me, although it seemed to be full of evil forebodings. The good seed had been sown, and during a few weeks of quiet country life I gained a clearer understanding of Christian Science, which led to a wonderfully quick healing. One form of disease after another vanished; and to-day I am enjoying health and strength.

Testimony of Healing
My gratitude to God and to our dear Leader is so great...
November 28, 1908

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