In the August number of the Record of Christian Work...

Record of Christian Work

In the August number of the Record of Christian Work I find an article entitled "Fruits of Christian Science in India" by Pundita Ramabai. The writer states that on her arrival in the United States she was told of the growth of Christian Science here, and that after hearing a statement of its teachings she recognized it as an ancient philosophy of India. It is fortunate that the Pundita has supplemented this assertion by a lengthy statement of the doctrines of the philosophy of her native land, for she has thereby given the most convincing proof that Christian Science and Hindu philosophy have not a shadow of similarity, and that her informant was evidently not at all familiar with the teachings of Christian Science. The charge that Christian Science denies the existence of the universe is unfortunately as persistent as it is incorrect. Christian Science denies the existence of nothing that is any part of the creation of God, who made all things that were made and pronounced them "very good." It affirms, however, that God's creation is spiritual and perfect like Himself, and that the so-called material universe, the "heaven and earth" of our mortal experience, which "shall pass away," is but a mutable, destructible (and in that sense unreal) conception of the true universe of Spirit. It affirms that sin, disease, suffering, and death are the illegitimate abnormities of mortal existence, the penalties for our failure to know God aright; that they are unreal in that they are no part of His "very good" creation, and that they will disappear in proportion as mankind understand and demonstrate their dominion over their environment in the way demanded and proven by Christ Jesus, the great Way-shower.

Instead of forsaking the Bible, as your writer states, Christian Scientists study its inspired pages daily, and depend upon its teachings so absolutely that they are willing to trust their health, happiness, and very life to its teachings. Surely no more practical proof could be given of one's belief in it. Christian Science affirms that mankind are in dire need of a present salvation. It affirms that a correct interpretation of the mission of the great Nazarene proves unmistakably that true religion must give mortals an adequate and lawful means of overcoming disease and suffering as well as sin, and its operation being based on a fixed Principle, it must be always available and operative when correctly perceived and understood. Christian Science refuses to believe that there is any mystery to godliness. It refuses to assume that Jesus Christ performed his mighty works contrary to God's laws, or that his mission was for any other purpose than to teach mankind that the "works" that he did we must do also if, as he said, we are his true followers.

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