My kidneys were injured through an accident in a...

My kidneys were injured through an accident in a foundry, and for ten years I suffered from them and took treatment of some of the best physicians in this city and elsewhere. My experience was somewhat similar to that of the woman mentioned in Scripture, who "had suffered many things of many physicians, ... and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse." A prominent doctor of this city declared that the injury to the kidneys had caused other organs of the body to become diseased, and after a careful examination he remarked, "I would not be in your condition for a thousand dollars." His treatment failing to heal me, I consulted another eminent doctor, but his treatment did not bring the desired help. I tried a number of other physicians, one of whom treated me for stomach and lung trouble, and I was under his care three and a half years. More than ten years ago one physician told my brother-in-law that I could not live six months. In the ten years that I was under medical treatment it cost me a large amount of money, but with all this I was not healed. Material remedies and applications did not reach my case, and I was discouraged; there seemed to be no hope from materia medica, and thus it was that eleven years ago I turned to Christian Science for help. Through a talk on the subject of Christian Science a desire was awakened to investigate it as a means of restoring my health, and through this, together with some treatments and a careful and diligent study of the Christian Science text-book. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, I was restored to health and usefulness. Whereas for years I was a physical wreck, now I am well and strong, able to lift and do any kind of hard work. My present weight is one hundred and eighty-five pounds.

Gratitude fills my heart for what Christian Science has done in my behalf. Not only has the physical healing been great, but Christian Science has awakened an interest in the Bible and a love for God never before experienced, giving me a better understanding of Christ's plan of salvation. I would be ungrateful indeed if I did not love Mrs. Eddy for making it possible for such healing to be accomplished.

Testimony of Healing
Ten years ago I was healed, spiritually, mentally, and...
September 21, 1907

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