The widely heralded attack on the leader of the Christian Scientists...

Pasadena (Cal.) Daily News

The widely heralded attack on the leader of the Christian Scientists has collapsed. Insincere movements are peculiarly subject to sudden collapse. This most recent move was a part of a persistent effort to discredit this venerable woman and her work. For a long time it was persistently rumored that Mrs. Eddy was dead and had been dead for years, and that she was being impersonated by another for the purpose of deceiving her followers and the general public.

When this very senseless piece of foolishness was exploded and it was proven conclusively to all fair-minded people that Mrs. Eddy not only lived but was in a remarkable state of preservation for one of her years, alert, capable, and incisive mentally, and remarkable preserved physically, as was testified to by her bankers and numerous others who had abundant opportunity to judge of her capacity, the malice which had inspired these silly stories turned elsewhere for means to embarrass her and her very remarkable following. Unfirendly newspapers bent to the work with a will, circulating all manner of evil reports, none of which seem to have been authentic, as has since been abundantly shown. McClure's Magazine lent itself to the task and has been feeding its readers with fiction on the subject in serial form ever since. McClure's even presented what purported to be a picture of the revered Leader of the Christian Scientists, which was not a picture of Mrs. Eddy, at all, but a spurious reproduction of the photograph of another woman, which was fully proven.

September 7, 1907

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