Christian Science came to me nearly two years ago...

Christian Science came to me nearly two years ago, when I was ill and in great trouble. My home had been sold, I had no work, and my little children and I were often without food, light, or fire. I had become hopeless and bitter, feeling there was nothing to live for; afraid to meet those I had known in better days, full of a false shame and misery. A lady for whom I had worked, hearing of my want, sent me a few shillings by one of her daughters, who is a Christian Scientist. After giving me the help from her mother, she spoke to me of the all power and all-presence of Love, and told me I need never want or suffer, for only good came from God. She read me passages from Science and Health and left her copy with me. I cannot tell how the light poured in upon me; how I longed for more of this truth. I seemed to stretch out my hands after it, and all the trouble seemed to melt away! Leaving me, the lady went to my little boy, who had been awake two nights, crying with pain from a disease which the doctor's lotion had failed to cure. He complained to her and was told not to believe in the pain, for Love made all and never made a sick child. He was healed at once; slept well, and in the morning came and showed me the flesh healed. He said, "God has made me well." I asked for treatment, and was healed within the week of a bad cough I had had every winter, and of eve trouble for which I was attending a hospital and wearing glasses. I have seen perfectly ever since and have never put glasses on again. I got regular work and have had it ever since, so that we have moved from two tiny rooms to a nice airy cottage.

Since then we have had many proots of the power of Truth over all error. My little boy, aged five, was healed of a severe cough, with sickness, in one treatment. He sang Mrs. Eddy's Communion Hymn before the practitioner went, and I was healed at the same time of rheumatic trouble. Another day, when one of my children was in a high fever, I was able to overcome the fear and he got up free and went out to play. Last summer my children were playing with a neighbor's little boys (on a Friday), and the next day the same boys were taken off to the hospital with throat trouble. On Sunday two of my little ones were down with it. The youngest boy could not stand, and their throats seemed in a dreadful condition. I tried to work in Science, but got anxious. I looked at their throats and what I saw so frightened me that I sent round to the practitioner for help. She came at once and told us God never made a law of contagion, and that there was nothing to fear. Then she took the little boy on her knee and kissed him, and kept him there while she treated him, and the children were instantly well. They put on their things and walked home with her in half an hour, and I never heard a sound of complaint again.

Testimony of Healing
In 1901, while living in Leadville, Col., I was advised...
September 7, 1907

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