The first annual meeting of the American Society of International Law, which followed the first annual Peace and Arbitration Congress, was held at Washington, and was really a continuation of the sessions of the Peace Congress. The subjects for discussion included the development of international law; the second Hague Conference; rights of foreigners in the United States in case of conflict between Federal treaties and State laws; immunity from capture during war of non-offending private property upon the high seas; contraband of war; the transference of prize cases from municipal courts to an international court, and the forcible collection of contract debts.

A summary of the appropriations made at the last session of Congress shows a grand total of $920,798,143.80. The appropriations by acts are as follows: Agricultural, $9,447,290; army, $78,634,582.75; diplomatic and consular, $3,092,333.72; District of Columbia, $10,440,598.63; fortification, $6,898,011; Indian, $10,125,076.15; legislative, $32,126,333.80; Military Academy, $1,929,703.42; naval, $98,958,507.50; pension, $146,143,000; post office, $212,091,193; rivers and harbors, $37,108,083; sundry civil appropriation act, $110,769,211.30; deficiency appropriation act, $12,408,998.91; miscellaneous appropriations, $738,900.62; permanent appropriations, $149,886,320.

The Secretary of Agriculture in a recent address said, among other things: "For years the department has been distributing camphor tree seed, and thousands of trees are now growing throughout the South and in the Pacific Coast States. Two years ago a serious effort was made to develop the manufacture of camphor from these trees, By improvements in manufacturing processes satisfactory results have been accomplished, and a large manufacturing concern is now building up a camphor grove of two thousand acres in Florida, from which it hopes to make its camphor. This firm uses more than $500,000 worth of camphor every year."

May 11, 1907

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