February, 1896, found me in Ames, Ia., bedfast, and...

February, 1896, found me in Ames, Ia., bedfast, and with the sentence of death passed upon me by physicians. My case was a complicated one, the supposedly incurable diseases being lung trouble and an abnormal growth. Many severe trials we had to pass through, the comforts of the home having gone one by one to satisfy the appetite for drink which had held my husband in bondage for several years. The thought of dying and leaving my two dear little girls was more than a mother's heart could endure, and I cried unto God for relief from this crushing burden. I could hear voices of friends in the adjacent room saying, "Yes, she is still alive, but cannot possibly live until morning." Then one came with the cheering message that a lady living in the other end of the city, who had lain at death's door many months with the same dread disease,—given up by physicians and church,—had just been healed. Her husband, hearing of a new doctrine,—Christian Science,—had telegraphed to Des Moines, Ia., and a practitioner had come at once. Could not I see her? Would she not come to me? Yes, she did come; and a glorious day it was when she entered that sad home. I never shall forget the beautiful words she spoke to me: "God does not know sickness, sin and death, but He healeth all our diseases." Those dear words turned my thought, and I was healed almost instaneously. My fear of a growth had always been very great, as my mother had passed away with that ailment, and lung trouble was also an heirloom in our family. When I heard that "every law of matter or the body, supposed to govern man, is rendered null and void by the law of Life, God" (Science and Health, P. 380), the mortal law of heredity was destroyed for me and I was indeed free. The growth vanished into nothingness under the healing rays of Truth.

I had been an anxious mother, especially after a little daughter had been taken from us with throat trouble years before. My eldest daughter, then nine years of age, drank in every word uttered by the Scientist during each visit of that memorable week. She was happy over her mother's restoration and realized how much this blessed truth had done for me during these few days. My fear over her had been so great that I would not allow her to go out of doors without wrapping her throat up carefully, and on Sunday morning, when the Scientist asked the child to go with her to the reading of the Lesson-Sermon, from force of habit I tied the muffler around her throat. For a moment she stood still, then untied the muffer and threw it on a chair, saying, "I shall not wear this muffer; God's child cannot be sick." Thus she took her stand for Truth, and she has continued to grow in the understanding daily. God's loving care, manifested through dear friends,—His avenues,—has opened the way for her to use that throat with which to sing His praises here and abroad. In a few months after I was healed we moved to Des Moines. Much had to be overcome, but "day by day the manna fell;" strength was given me to do whatever my hands found to do for the support of my family, as my husband had not then given up his cups. My first earnings paid for a copy of Science and Health, which is truly my ever-present guide.

The dear practitioner who had treated me was ever ready to help and encourage, and a year after I was healed she led my husband to drink "of the fountain of the water of life," and from that day to this no intoxicants have passed his lips. He was healed, and Truth has transformed our home to a heaven on earth. The passage of Scripture, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you," means much to me. I truly appreciate the added things, as I try to realize that God is good and does supply all our needs. I strive to be obedient and to follow our dear Leader, who has so unselfishly revealed the truth to this age. I am very grateful that the truth was given to me pure and clear, and it has been a means of constant growth all these years. It would take much space to tell all the good Christian Science has brought me and my family. My gratitude to God, and to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, grows continually, and the way grows brighter each day. I am enjoying good health and feel grateful for all my blessings. I am beginning to realize that all things are possible with God; that He does not know sickness, sin, and death; and that for us to know Truth makes us free and keeps us free.—Ella Ginn Cord, Des Moines, Ia.

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May 11, 1907

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