In May, 1891, when it was thought that I must soon...

In May, 1891, when it was thought that I must soon leave this world, I was quickly healed through Christian Science of several diseases, including severe kidney trouble. These diseases had come upon me during the fifteen years just previous. At first I did not dare to hope that this healing would prove permanent, but I was very happy over the unexpected relief with a kind of uplifting joy that I had long since forgotten. I bought a copy of Science and Health and a new Bagster's Teachers' Bible, determined to find out from the Scriptures, as explained by Mrs. Eddy, whether or not there really is a power to heal disease and benefit mankind, as some new-made friends claimed. During all that summer I could "run, and not be weary; ... walk, and not faint;" but some of my skeptic friends would suggest that perhaps it would be as well to delay my praise of Christian Science somewhat until cold weather should come and we could see if the old troubles would not return also, for I had some old wounds that had troubled me for many years, especially in the winter.

Now for the benefit of any who may still be in doubt as I had been, I would like to tell of my experience. On the first day of the battle of Gettysburg, my regiment (the 157th N. Y.) was involved with other forces in a severe struggle at the northernmost point gained by our army in that great battle. Being overwhelmed by numbers and severe fighting at that point, our regiment was almost annihilated. I received three wounds, and was taken prisoner, but escaped the last night of the fighting. I was sent to Carver's Hospital, where my wounds healed very quickly. In less than three months I was voluntarily at the front again, and was mustered out in February, 1866, having served two years and a half after receiving the wounds. While I remained in the army the wound on the side, being near the sword-belt, troubled me more than those in the face, but when I returned home this condition was reversed. The wounds in my face were very conspicuous, and everybody wanted to know all about them. They became more troublesome, while the unseen wound on my side ceased troubling me.

As the years went by these wounds became more and more painful, and my face was very sensitive to damp and cold weather. Any unusual exposure was pretty sure to result in a painful attack, which would sometimes involve my neck and shoulders also. At such times we would resort to anything that promised relief, but finally everything pretty much failed. The doctors told me that these old wounds, which had become veritable mountains to me, were the cause of most of the troubles of which I complained, and that probably they would result in my premature death. This I could easily believe, because I was already more dead than alive part of the time. But as I read in the Christian Science text-book, the Spirit of truth quietly and silently entered into my consciousness, reversed the harmful medical theories and human beliefs, and behold the result—these old troubles are done away with. The deep scars grew less noticeable, the loose bones became fixed in place, and the suffering has faded out until now I suppose there are months at a time that I never even think of them.

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April 13, 1907

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