After identifying ourselves with the Cause of Christian Science, one of the many things that we have to learn is the significance of the question of giving, and that it is largely a question of education. Prior to taking the larger view of giving which is gained in Christian Science, many who were working along the old lines of thought were generous in a financial way to their charities and in support of their church; still the rank and file were actuated by the idea that in the perfunctory giving of a nominal sum they were fulfilling their duty in this respect, though the amount given in the majority of cases would not be sufficient to take away the means with which to indulge in some unnecessary so-called distraction or enjoyment.

The love of money, the desire for money, and the desires that are behind the desire for money, have been largely the cause of the suffering which mankind has experienced from time immemorial. This love of money St. Paul refers to as "the root of all evil." It would, if it could, break every commandment of the Decalogue, and mesmerizes humanity into the belief that the mere acquiring and holding of it is the chief aim and object of existence. It has assumed a value that would hide from mortals the real treasure which can be found only by seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness. To advance and to perceive the kingdom of God our eyes must be opened to the fact that money is not real treasure.

September 15, 1906

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