Membership in The Mother Church.

AFTER becoming a student of Christian Science, the subject of joining The Mother Church in Boston was brought to the writer's notice, and she well remembers that at first she thought lightly of that privilege, partly owing, perhaps, to the fact that in the church to which she formerly belonged, infant baptism was considered the seal of membership. A careful study of the Church Manual, however, soon brought quite a different view of the subject of church membership, and as more earnest thought was given to its teachings, many reasons why all Christian Science students should be members of The Mother Church became apparent.

When we become members of The Mother Church we are amenable to its rules, and if obedient thereto we reap our reward. It prayerfully followed, these rules will prevent all dis-unity, for they awaken Christian Scientists to alertness in their duty to God, and to their neighbor, as well as to bring about uniformity in their work. Mortal mind when left to itself is always indulging its own particular fancies, delighting to make its own laws, — and then it grumbles in its own inconsistent fashion when confusion results because of mistaken methods of working. Such conditions would be impossible were all faithfully to study and obey the rules given in our Church Manual. Surely we are all grateful that when our Leader organized The Mother Church she made provision for members of branch churches to be received as members, and this privilege should not be overlooked by an indifferent attitude towards it. An honest acknowledgment of the value of the teachings that are understood, will begin to open the blind eyes, and then will be seen the good that is accomplished by steady adherence to the rules found in the Manual. Those who are already members should be aware that their obligations do not cease as soon as their per capita tax is paid. Having taken upon ourselves the responsibility of subscribing to the tenets and rules of The Mother Church, we should at least endeavor to fulfil that trust, and earnestly strive for that Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus." Incalculable good will be accomplished by the obedient following of the comprehensive counsels of the Manual. Mrs. Eddy says, "Of this I am sure, that each Rule and By-law in this Manual will increase the spirituality of him who obeys it, invigorate his capacity to heal the sick, to comfort such as mourn, and to awaken the sinner" ("Mental Digestion," Sentinel, Sept. 12, 1903).

April 14, 1906

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