The Reflection of Substance

As the spiritual concept of substance appears to us, we see how often the seeming power of self-mesmerism has excluded us, like "gates of brass" and "bars of iron," from many advantages,—from the opportunity to work, from happiness, and from the privilege of bestowing happiness upon others. Christian Science speedily shows us how, through Love alone, we may be liberated. It teaches us how to demonstrate that active, unselfish love which is the reflection of substance and whose potency is great enough to break the fetters of evil, this practically proving the allness of good.

Viewed pedagogically, the forerunner of all attention, knowledge, and obedience, is interest. Looking closely at interest, we find that it springs from sympathy. A great thinker has even gone so far as to say, "The measure of one's sympathies is the measure of his life." On through and after the school period each receives from travel, study, or experience, an enrichment proportionate to his sympathy,—his ability to put himself in another's place. His sympathetic interest is a fund, or working capital, from which he may contribute to his needy fellows and to society; and he is sought out or neglected in keeping therewith.

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