Advancing Conditions

The immature thought of many students is doubtless responsible in no small degree for prevalent misconceptions which tend to prejudice people against Christian Science and to blind their eyes to a just recognition of the great good it is accomplishing throughout the world. In his over-anxiety to have his friends share the peace and happiness that have entered into his own life, and actuated, perhaps, by the novelty of the "new tongue," he too often ventures upon the quicksands of inexperience by attempting to explain certain abstract statements, the truth of which he has not proven and consequently does not fully understand.

The natural inference, especially on the part of those not inclined to hear of anything beyond the range of the physical senses, after listening to such premature discussions, is that Christian Science is not at all practical, not at all adapted to meet the every-day needs of humanity, and can we wonder that such is the case? Although their statements may be correct in premise, it is oftentimes overlooked by outsiders and by students themselves, that they are dealing with absolute truths, which cannot be rightly comprehended from a purely intellectual standpoint, but must be understood by degrees, through earnest and continued effort to spiritualize thought and action. The constant application and practice of its rules can alone elucidate Christian Science, and nothing else will ever make us its practical and effective representatives.

An Allegory
October 28, 1905

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