Nehemiah's Way

With the illumination given by Christian Science I find the book of Nehemiah both profitable and interesting. It presents a series of vivid pictures not to be forgotten. We find Nehemiah in Shushan the palace, and there come to him certain men of Judah. He questions them and finds that the Jews that are left of the captivity are in great affliction and reproach; the walls of Jerusalem are broken down and the gates burned. At once he is impelled to leave the luxurious Persian court and his honored position as cupbearer to King Artaxerxes, that he may work for the Jewish cause.

He humbly confesses before God the sins of his people, his family, and himself. Though they had failed in their duty toward God he claims the promises given to God's people who turn unto Him, and keep His commandments. Manifestly he was a favorite at court, but with a prayer on his lips he sets himself to gain the king's consent to his departure. This obtained, he goes to Jerusalem. Absorbed in his love for the cause which brought him thither, he apparently cares not for the indifference of the Jews, who pay him no honor: in fact, seem to take no notice of him. Quietly he goes out by night and sees for himself the exact conditions. There were the walls of Jerusalem dismantled, broken down; his countrymen indifferent and inactive. The work of repair seemed so stupendous that no one had lifted a finger to rebuild until Nehemiah came. Though no notice was taken of him, nothing escaped his notice. Having rebuilt the wall in mind, he began to talk to the rulers and people. He was unostentatious, careful to impress upon them that it was work which God required of them, and then he unfolded his plan to them. "Come, therefore, and let us build up the wall," and to this they cheerfully consented. Nehemiah's way was to set every man to work right where he was. He aroused enthusiasm in the individual.

The Spiritual Idea and Human Need
August 13, 1904

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