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Every true life in the disciplehood of Jesus presenting the argument of character, is the herald of the incoming kingdom of our Lord. The most humble men and women, actuated by the Christian graces, are servants of the living God. They occupy no mean place among the forces of the world. They help mould and make its best life. They determine its happiest destiny. They give forth power that lives to bless humanity for an indefinite time. They thus leave their impress upon the heart of the world. Thus also we can understand the Scripture that says, "the least shall be greatest" and the "weak, strong." Humble souls, unnoticed by the world, need to lay this consolation to heart. They have their place and mission, and nothing can serve to take it from them. They are individual helpers in the great work of the kingdom of God.—The Universalist Leader.

Most effective of the tonics which enable us to make the best and wisest use of bodily powers is Christ's peace in the heart. He who goes with faith goes far. This is the secret of Christ's presence which removes the biting, wearing influence of worry and replaces it with the uplifting quietness and strength of joy. The cure of the body and the efficiency of the body are often in the mind and spirit. We can often overcome or circumvent our ailments by a wise resting of our hearts upon the promises and power of Christ. To gain health—powers of endurance, well-braced muscles, good digestion, steady nerves—is great delight, and such approximation to this perfect health as comes within our capacity is best attained in quietness of heart through faith in him.—The Congregationalist and Christian World.

A Word from Mr. Chase
August 13, 1904

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