It is my earnest desire to express, though inadequately,...

It is my earnest desire to express, though inadequately, my gratitude for the teachings of Christian Science, and to those who have aided me in my search for Truth. First, and above all, to our dear Leader, who is pointing out the way and devoting her life to my benefit and that of mankind, and then to those who have guided my wandering steps in the right direction.

I had sought Truth through many false channels, and when my opportunity came to hear of Christian Science I was in bad health, and was told that Christian Scientists healed the sick, and while I used my physical condition as a subterfuge, my sole motive was to investigate Christian Science. I had heard Christian Scientists spoken of only in a derisive manner, as persons who believed they could "heal the sick as did the disciples of old," but instead of calling out any unjust criticism on my part, I resolved, the first opportunity which presented, that I would try to discover what Christian Scientists really believed. Healing through prayer appealed to me. I hoped that I, too, might ultimately learn a prayer which could accomplish so much. I felt that I never had received tangible proof of mine being answered. I had since childhood suffered more or less from acute indigestion, and within a few days after my first treatment I ate with impunity certain articles of food I had not tasted for three years. My physical condition was greatly improved in a short time, and my awakening was truly an answer to an oft-repeated prayer for a knowledge of Truth.

Testimony of Healing
As soon as I began walking, my parents saw that I was...
August 13, 1904

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