The Protection of Spiritual Law

What a blessing it would be for mankind if all could see that the reversal of sense evidence and of human opinion is the way to that understanding of Truth which makes free. To the popular thought, law is usually associated with restriction, but Christian Science teaches that the opposite is true,—that law makes for freedom and provides for the permanence of good. That many false concepts of law exist is easily shown, and thinkers readily admit their ignorance on this subject. A simple test may therefore be helpful to the beginner in Christian Science,—one which will aid him in reaching that sense of certainty which differentiates understanding from mere belief.

When a certain order is set aside, in the treatment of disease, by the application of the truth, we may be sure that this unhappy condition did not represent law, even if the whole world believed that it did; and that God's law cannot be broken, even if the whole world believes this possible. The law remains, in spite of any attempt at its infringement, and eternally demands our recognition and obedience.

August 13, 1904

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