When we study Christian Science we learn that our real condition is harmonious, that in reality there is nothing to worry over, that God's creation reflects only love, peace, and happiness, and that we ourselves are a part of that one harmony. But there is a false claim of worry, unhappiness, sickness, ingratitude, and other discordant conditions in mortal mind, and how are we Scientists to rise above these and show forth in our lives our real selves? By trying to meet every assertion of evil that arises in our consciousness with the knowledge of the only creation, and by realizing that anything inharmonious is only in our thought. There is one Mind, and in that is all good, therefore we know that what seems evil to us is only a false belief, and we have only to think aright and harmony will appear.

Often we plan to do certain work in a day and something seems to hinder. Often we worry over this instead of knowing that we are living in eternity now, and there is no need of haste, for whatever is right and needful for us to do can be done. If we can understand this the demonstration will be made.

Faith Following
July 25, 1903

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