About three years ago I was having some bridge work...

About three years ago I was having some bridge work done at my dentist's and one afternoon when he was preparing the teeth for the bridge he noticed the projections of the roots of an old tooth which had gradually decayed until these only remained. On seeing the roots he advised that they be taken out. Several other dentists had wanted to pull them, but I had always had such a terror of having a tooth pulled, they were unable to secure my consent, but when this dentist turned to me and said they must be pulled, I consented before I thought, and when I realized that I had told him to go ahead, I was seized with a great sense of fear. I immediately asserted my freedom in Truth.

The dentist asked me if I did not want to take an anesthetic, since there would probably be a good deal of pain. I said no, and to say that word was a big demonstration for me. He went ahead and pulled the roots, after having cut into the gums twice so as to reach them. During the entire operation I felt no sense of pain. The only sensation was that of some one pressing on my gums. After he had finished his work for that day, I went over to a wash stand, and in turning on the water knocked over a bottle. The doctor looked around and when he saw what I had done he exclaimed, "Man alive! that bottle contained a mixture of two very powerful acids which will burn almost anything they come in contact with." I had spilt it on both hands and also on my trousers, but I simply wiped it off my hands and again looked to God. When the dentist first told me what the bottle contained I immediately felt a burning sensation, but in a moment this ceased, and I never felt the slightest sense of pain afterward. I then realized what a demonstration had been made, and that even mortal mind's most powerful laws were powerless beside the laws of omnipotent Truth.

Testimony of Healing
Since accepting the guidance of divine Love, the new-old...
July 25, 1903

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