A few days ago, an attack of inherited valvular heart-failure...

A few days ago, an attack of inherited valvular heart-failure came over me, also the temptation, "Go look in the mirror, and see if your lips are turning blue." But these glad words came to me, "Do not look in that mirror, but go look in the mirror of Truth." Understanding the message, I obeyed. Turning to where my inseparable books were lying, the Bible and Science and Health, I looked within Truth's mirror, for Truth had healed me long ago of asthma, goitre, polypus, and other ills, and gave me a song of rejoicing.

Only those who have felt the illuminating light, power, and comfort of Christian Science can understand why we love God more than ever before; why we feel the gratitude we try to express toward one divinely enabled to unfold the deep spiritual message of the glorious gospel to mankind. May we ever make glad the heart of our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, by the radiating, transforming influence of Christian Science over our own lives of others whom we bring to drink at the fountain of living waters.

Testimony of Healing
Desiring to help others I send my testimony as to the...
July 25, 1903

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