In Truth's courtroom

For the lesson titled "Truth" from January 16-22, 2012

Courtroom terminology abounds in this week’s Bible Lesson, titled “Truth.” How appropriate, as the aim of a justice system is to ascertain truth (fact; reality; that which is in exact accordance with what is). Besides discovering words related to “witnessing,” I loved finding other court terms—judgment, law, proof, accuse, convict, acquit, free, pardon, plead the case. 

To me, it boils down to the importance of discerning which witness we’re going to accept as valid—“the flesh” (Responsive Reading, John 8:15) or “the Spirit,” which the Golden Text states “is truth” (I John 5:6). Throughout the Lesson we discover that accepting Truth’s witness is life-sustaining, freeing, purifying, guiding, expansive, comforting, defending—and always healing. 

In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Love is our shepherd
January 16, 2012

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