What Price Popularity!

[Of Special Interest to Young Men and Women]

Does the one who leaves all for Christ have to be lonely and un-companioned? Definitely not. One who studies the Science of Christianity discovers a truer sense of companionship with none of the bondage and fear that accompany friendship when it is insecurely based on conformity to current fashions. Everyone has respect for right, firm convictions, and respect is the first step toward approval and affection. But no one admires a hypocrite, and society is quick to detect and discount one who professes certain standards but does not hold to them.

The question should be, How much of the true qualities of friendship do we express? not, How exactly do we do as others do? When we stop being concerned about outward impressions and pat our whole effort into bringing out from within such qualities as generosity, kindness, thoughtfulness, wit and humor, understanding, fidelity, enthusiasm, and the like, we are reaching out to others in a constructive way. This is bound to lead to friends and good times.

Feeding the Affections
January 22, 1966

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