My mother became interested in...

My mother became interested in Christian Science when I was seven years of age. I shall always be grateful that it was my privilege to attend the Christian Science Sunday School from that early age. The first healing I can remember was one of a serious burn. Carbolic acid was accidentally spilled over one of my arms. A practitioner was called for help, and although it was necessary to wear a bandage on the arm for several days, I had no pain. The burn healed without leaving a scar.

The healings I have experienced since then have been so numerous that there would not be room here to relate them all. Included among them are healings of pneumonia, influenza, ringworm, abscess, injured fingers, severe pain in one leg, and indigestion. Remunerative employment was found at a time when it was most difficult to find positions. Adequate housing was secured several times when our family was transferred from one city to another. Some of these blessings have come through my own application of the truth, and others through the help of practitioners.

A quick healing that has been very helpful to me followed my persistent clinging to the By-Law "Alertness to Duty" in the Manual of The Mother Church by Mrs. Eddy (Art. VIII, Sect. 6): "It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind. By his works he shall be judged,—and justified or condemned." I dropped a heavy steel drawer on one foot. The pain was intense for a few seconds, but I fervently declared "the scientific statement of being," on page 463 of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. The pain ceased, and I went about my duties.

Testimony of Healing
I desire to relate the history of...
December 4, 1954

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