It is with joy and gratitude that...

It is with joy and gratitude that I again testify to the healing power of God as taught in Christian Science. Through my persistent prayer a condition of athlete's foot, which had bothered me off and on for some time, gradually faded from my consciousness and experience. Colds and headaches have been quickly healed with brief, positive statements of truth. A severe attack of indigestion was almost instantaneously overcome. Difficulties in connection with my work as a radio officer have been surmounted when I have quietly declared the ever-presence of the one all-knowing Mind. With the prayerful help of a Christian Science friend business problems have been solved satisfactorily to everybody concerned.

The healing of a number of warts on my left hand stands out as a most helpful experience. When the first wart appeared it was not very noticeable, and I did little right thinking about it. Friends who were not students of Christian Science suggested burning it off, but I refused. Later more warts appeared, and I became alarmed lest they might continue to spread. It was then that I began earnestly to pray as we are taught in Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I am very grateful to our Father-Mother...
December 4, 1954

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