Many healings and blessings...

Many healings and blessings have come to me through the application of the truth, revealed to us by our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy. Christian Science has helped me in the business world ever since it became necessary for me to go to work. Through dependence on divine Mind I was able to hold a position for which I had previously had neither schooling nor experience. Later I became established in my own business, and the many problems which have come up have all been worked out through my knowing that man reflects the Mind that is God.

An outstanding healing was that of conditions associated with menopause. I had help from a practitioner and received immediate relief, but every so often the difficulty returned. One morning after I had called the practitioner for help and had gone back to bed to spend the day as previously, the woman who was to open my store telephoned that she would not be at work, as her daughter was ill. I called the practitioner again, and she lovingly reminded me that I could do whatever it was necessary for me to do. These thoughts then came to me: "Do I believe that I have life separate from God? If God is Life, Spirit, Love, and I am His likeness, then I live in Spirit, in Love, and not in body, matter. Since God is Principle, unchanging and perfect, how can His reflection be other than unchanging and perfect? His law is constant, invariable, forever the same; then I am now and forever an immortal idea, changeless, complete, strong, healthy, perfect, the reflection of God, good."

Testimony of Healing
More than twenty years ago,...
April 11, 1953

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