Spiritual sense is the consciousness of spiritual good. Through it mankind discern the spiritual facts of God and man, which heal and save. All human beings possess spiritual sense in some measure, for it evidences the indestructible presence of man made in God's image —immortal man, whose senses are purely spiritual. Even though the sights and sounds and other sensations of physicality may seem to distract thought and dominate the interests of the human self, they can never fully conceal spiritual sense. Some note of integrity, of affection for good, of purity, is sure to assert its presence at times and control the individual. Christian Science points out the distinctness of spiritual sense, separates it from its counterfeit, material sense, and restores it as the only perceptive faculty of man.

The patriarchs and prophets of the Scriptures stood out among their fellow men because they let spiritual sense possess them and interpret life to them truthfully. They caught glimpses of the kingdom of heaven, and this gave them a certain degree of power over the false physical sense of life. Because spiritual sense dominated the thought of Abraham he refused to quarrel with Lot about material advantages, discerning the vastness of true substance. It was his spiritual vision of reality that blessed posterity and is still blessing it.

March 8, 1952

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