Often at our Wednesday evening...

Often at our Wednesday evening testimony meetings we hear gratitude expressed for the practitioners, who respond so quickly when called upon for help. It was to such a practitioner, whose fine, clear, spiritual understanding has always been an inspiration to me, that I turned in desperation and deep discouragement some years ago when a sacroiliac trouble caused me much suffering. This difficulty had reappeared over a period of some ten years, and I realized that fear and a belief in the reality of the condition had not been overcome in my consciousness. This time the attack was much more severe and painful than usual; and it was not met. although, faithful work was done by an experienced practitioner.

Eventually I was unable to move or walk without great pain, and one night the name of a practitioner in a distant city, who had helped me many times in the past, came to me. I was not having Science help at the time, and I wrote to this practitioner and told her how filled with fear I was, that I was afraid to try to walk without a brace, and that I had got to the stage where I could not read or study. I immediately received a telegram telling me to brace up in Spirit and Truth and saying that she would work for me.

Testimony of Healing
"Ye shall know the truth, and...
August 25, 1951

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