[Of Special Interest to Young People]

Nearly everyone who has tried to live b the precepts of Christian Science has at one time or another wondered if his efforts were of any avail. That, of course, is nothing but mortal mind tempting us to he discouraged and to relax our efforts. It is important that we recognize this temptation, or evil suggestion, for what it is and quickly apply the remedy that is ever available to us, if we will but use it. This remedy is the truth that man is the idea, the reflection, of divine Mind. As we realize our oneness, or unity, with this Mind and consistently express those qualities which are inherent in Mind, our efforts towards spiritual progress are fruitful.

Some years ago a student of Christian Science was teaching a class of boys in a Christian Science Sunday School. All the boss were of high-school age, interested in the usual school spoils, and were continual reminders of the characteristics of a handful of mercury. Their continuous moving about made the maintaining of order in the class rather difficult. Repeated efforts of correct this tendency brought few results, until one Sunday morning an incident occurred which gave the teacher new hope and encouragement. As the lesson session was about to begin, one of the boys said, "How is a fellow going to use Christian Science e to help win a football game.?"

August 25, 1951

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