A deep sense of gratitude impels...

A deep sense of gratitude impels the giving of this testimony, for it is another proof of the power and ever-presence of God's loving care as we learn and understand it in Christian Science. In the early spring of 1946 a valuable and highly prized diamond ring vanished from my apartment. No explanation for its disappearance could be arrived at. No stranger had come into my home since the last time it was accounted for. A thorough search of the apartment was made, and a plumber was called to investigate the drains. All the human footsteps that were taken availed nothing. Help from a Christian Science practitioner was asked and lovingly given, but still the ring was not located. The truth that God's child could not be deprived of his rightful possession was affirmed continually. The honesty of the real man was always kept in thought, and in the months and years that followed these truths were declared positively and without doubt whenever my thought reverted to the ring.

Then, one day last May, late in the afternoon of a very stormy day, the doorbell rang. To my great surprise there stood a woman who had been a day worker in my home several years ago. I invited her into the apartment and was glad to see her. I thought she was seeking work, but instead she said she had come to return the ring. which she had found lying in a dark corner a few days after I had told her of its peculiar disappearance. She added that since the day she had taken the ring she had suffered physically and mentally, and she had reached the conclusion that only by returning it could she find peace. I was not only grateful to have the ring, but happy that the erroneous thinking had been healed, and I noticed as she left that she seemed buoyant and free. I should like to say that at this time I was receiving help from a Christian Science practitioner for a severe attack of grippe, and this condition was quickly met.

Testimony of Healing
I have received many blessings...
December 30, 1950

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