Protection during the 1940...

Protection during the 1940 Battle of Britain, and the earnest help of a Christian Science practitioner, especially while I was working in a very dangerous area in September, are among the many things for which I am most grateful to Christian Science.

Three major air battles marked the day of September 2. The first, I witnessed at close quarters from a train; the second, yet closer, from a heavy gun site; during the third I lay in a field watching my destination, a main objective some five hundred yards away, being heavily attacked. My companion, an officer in one of the women's services, was greatly distressed at the sight of the bombs falling amongst her girls. As there was nothing to be done humanly, I began to read a pocket edition of the ninety-first Psalm, finding great help in the verse, "Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day." When the "all clear" permitted us to drive on, we found buildings considerably damaged and people badly shaken, but in spite of numberless narrow escapes the only casualty was a sergeant who was grazed when a bomb exploded one yard from the gun pit in which he lay. An unpleasant experience that day was having to pass two delayed action bombs at close quarters four times, but the thought that there are no accidents in Mind sustained me.

Testimony of Healing
For several days I was afflicted...
May 15, 1943

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